Wireless bras are mainly known for their comfort, and even though their incredible softness is one of their best qualities, the health benefits remain their top selling point.

A while ago, we highlighted the impact of underwire bras on the lymphatic system. Indeed, regardless of the type of underwire, bras constrict the lymph nodes (or lymph glands) and in doing so they prevent toxins from being drained.

But there are other reasons not to wear bras with underwire which must be taken seriously and which favor their wireless counterpart.

Bras cause sagging breasts

It is often said that the main advantage of wearing a bra with underwire is the essential breast support. Not wearing underwire is said to cause the breast to sag. But, as it turns out, it’s quite the opposite…

The very purpose of the muscles and ligaments of the breast is to hold the breast up and keep it balanced. Holding your breast up with the use of an underwire bra reduces the work of those muscles and ligaments which eventually makes them lazy.

That is why wearing underwire bras leads to sagging breasts as the natural supporting tissue of your breast is not being used properly and will therefore weaken and loosen. Without underwire, breasts are strengthened, nipples are pulled up and the gap between the breasts is reduced.

A study conducted on 130 young women prompted Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon to claim that “medically, physiologically and anatomically, breasts do not benefit from having their weight supported. On the contrary, it will hinder the development of supporting breast tissue which will then wither”.

Wirefree bras allow for a more natural development of the breast without wearing an unpleasant and uncomfortable gravity-defying piece of metal. Embrace the natural beauty of your breast and stop wearing bras with underwire.

Underwire bras and the suspected link to an increase in breast cancer 

The 1995 book « Dressed to Kill: The Link between Breast Cancer and Bras » by two American anthropologists put bras in the spotlight.

The authors claimed that wearing a bra induces fibrosis, cysts and cancerous tumors by restricting the lymph nodes as we mentioned earlier.

Numerous studies were published on the subject, prior to and following the book release, which corroborated the risks associated with wearing underwire bras and the link to the development of breast cancer.

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Constriction of lymphatic nodes preventing toxics from being drained is said to cause congestion within the lymphatic system which would increase the risk of cancer in humans.

Although some studies claim that there is no real link between wearing underwire bras and breast cancer, in doubt it is safer to choose pretty bras without underwire which will bring you comfort and peace of mind.

You are not ready to swear off bras altogether? It makes sense! Of course, wearing a bra remains an essential commodity for many of us, whether it is out of habit, of comfort or to avoid back pain in case of heavy breasts.

Let us not forget to mention that the look of a bra matters and that it can make your breast look more beautiful. What is the solution? Wirefree bras! They are comfortable, sexy and are not a health hazard.