In my personal lace-fringed endeavors, finding a perfect, form-fitting, comfortable bra has been akin to shoveling down a pint of ice cream every night and expecting it to tone my belly rather than make me suffer inevitable effects of cavernous thigh dimples – it’s frustratingly impossible.  As a result, ill-fitting bras have given way to regular backaches, and the mounds of ice cream haven’t smoothed out my cellulite.  Just great.

Lingerie Commencement

Growing up, I’ve marveled at monumental banners of those sexy, flawless models staring me down with their perfect skin and their perfect… everything else.  From the inception of my ambitious little young-adult eyes, I fell amongst the long line of mechanized lingerie-seekers all aiming for the same goal.  Think we resemble the girls in the ad, sacrifice comfort and health.

The Unfortunate Truth

Being a professional athlete, my toned back-and-shoulder, small-waist combo alongside breasts that fall on the smaller spectrum have posed a sizing problem for the fashionable stores imploring us to look our sexiest.  But I’ve been swayed time and time again into buying uncomfortable bras that aren’t doing right by my body (or anyone’s for that matter), and as I peer down at the perceptible spacing between my bra and breasts, and feel tugging straps sinking into my flesh, I then clamber back in line, just like the rest of my girlfriends.  Why are we ignoring our instincts, and what are we afraid of?

Maybe I’ve thought that if I didn’t wear those particular bras with their contorting lift and padding – tightening the straps like those girls until my boobs are suffocated into altitude – that I wouldn’t be as sexy and confident as those glaring women.  When I’d finally throw open my door after a long day, toss off my dress, and finally unclasp my bra to suck in a tremendous gasp of air, what I was really doing was ignoring my screaming body and accepting the pain of figuring all bras really must suck.  There’s even one deplorable skivvy in my drawer this very moment that I can indisputably count on for an all-day backache.  What the heck do I keep doing this for?

My Next Frilly Steps

It’s totally time to revamp the panty drawer.  My screaming shoulders, gaping cups, and suffering lymphatic system (oh yes, it’s scary [link to lymphatic system article]) are here to tell the world that I’m over this stifling, uncomfortable, wired and overly-padded nonsense.  I was given a wireless bra as a gift a few months ago, having never owned one.  The buttery, smooth feeling was more alien than anything I’d dawned before.  I couldn’t believe the all-day comfort, but already owning a slew of cinching lingerie, I  hadn’t made moves to transition swapping out those achy slips.

It wasn’t until writing for Jessy Wirefree that I realized just how much of a mistake I’ve been making for the past 14 years sporting bras.  As a former full-time and still-often-contributing journalist, I get down to the nitty-gritty of the facts.  And after globs of research, the truth is wireless bras are incredibly sexy, functional, comfortable, and don’t chip away at your health like their constricting wired counterparts.  Before a few weeks prior, I didn’t realize that wireless bras can provide nearly everything the others do – without the detrimental aspects.

It’s happening.  I’m a health and wellness advocate, and now that I’m well-versed in bra-nutrition, I can’t continue to do my body a disservice.  Out with the backaches and delusions of grandeur, in with sexy, confident me.  Mark my words, right after I type this last sentence, that one backache-guarantee bra is going right where it belongs – out of my drawer and into the lingerie wastebin.