Our breasts are strongholds for quite a large amount of health-promoting fibers called lymphatic tissue.  The lymphatic system is a culmination of disease-ridding entities in our bodies that flush out toxins and noxious waste, filtering us out until we’re clean as a whistle.  A potent, unobstructed lymphatic system is imperative to maintaining good health, and if you have breasts, you’ve more than likely been impeding your body’s natural ability to keep you healthy.

Lymph nodes are the filters of the lymphatic system, and some of the most important lymph nodes run between the breasts and underarms.  If you wear a tight, wired bra, guess what?  You’re suffocating your lymphatic system with uncomfortable, constricting metal, and severing the circulation of lymph fluid.

The answer?  Wireless bras.

The prevailing wireless bra frenzy is on the rise not only because women are fed up with uncomfortable, restrictive bras that feel like you’re wheezing until you finally unhinge them – it’s happening because women are realizing the benefits of wireless bras to their lymphatic system and are choosing health and comfort over the antipode – restrictive metal wires.

Wireless bras aren’t just a gateway to a healthy lymphatic system.  They’re sexy, sleek, hold your shape, and provide you with so… much… comfort!  There are unbounded reasons to go wireless, but taking care of yourself and giving your lymphatic system smooth passage is reason enough, and can all be done in the cozy, chic comfort of a wireless bra.