Meet Jessy’s very first two Instafamous divas:

Amanda Collins is an international model, actor, Body Positive advocate, and representative for the FabUplus Magazine.

Amy Stretten is a blogger, model, and fashion guru. She has all the inside info on how to be the boss of your life, your home, and your wardrobe. 

Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

Since we share some advice with awesome people like you, naturally our content may contain affiliate links for the garments or the programs we use and love. If you make a purchase after clicking one of these links, we'll earn some commission. This money will help us grow our body positive initiative and create more helpful content on the blog.

For her first garment, Amanda preferred the Safina Support bra from Anita.

On the pictures below Amanda is wearing the Rosa Faia Twin Soft bra from Anita.

This is what Amanda has to say about Anita’s Momentum bra :
« This bra has the design of a regular bra with a sports bra feel ; it is wirefree and it is one of the most comfortable sports bras I have ever worn! »
Being an athelete – a division 1 Volleyball player – Amanda knows what she’s talking about.

And here’s the gorgeous Amy in the Havanna Comfort bra and the Royce Lingerie’s Champagne set.

« Self-love Step 1:
Get naked and look at yourself in the mirror… »

Amy Stretten @chiefofstyle

You are both so lovely and so cute. Thank you for supporting our wirefree body positive initiative!