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Hi, my name is Jessy and I’m so glad you’re here. A few years ago when I talked about wirefree bras, my friends thought about bralettes. That’s when I realized that only a few really knew how to take care of their breasts.
This is how the blog began.

As women we love lingerie sets but we shall never sacrifice our health.
We believe in a wirefree world where comfort, health, and style are equally praised.
We aim for every woman to look and feel their best every moment of the day,
and wireless bras are the feel-good revolution that are rejuvenating female lives everywhere.
To help with your transition to cozy, mindful intimates, we often write articles about our latest findings.
We’d be delighted to hear from yours too.

Our sensitive lymphatic systems ache and groan with tight, wired appendages. Wireless is the future of health-conscious intimates that don’t skimp on lift, sexiness, or anything else stiff, uncomfortable wired counterparts claim to do.

In fact, a wirefree lifestyle looks better on you not only because of advances in wireless undergarments, but simply because you just feel better.

Beast care is closely related to other topics such as healthy eating, detox, Yoga and self-confidence. We hope our articles will help you become more knowledgeable to a healthier you.

Set Yourself Free!

LADIES from Around the Globe

This blog allows us to highlight women of strong character who agreed to support our cause.And we take this opportunity to thank them all:

  • Morgan, our blogger/surfer from California who is now a no-wire aficionado
  • Yasmine, a lawyer and writer from Morocco
  • Manon, a curvy model who inspires self-confidence
  • Amy and Amanda, our lovely ambassadors across the Atlantic
  • Silviya, a Dubai top model make-up artist
  • Slivana, a photographer and model, who paints her “Body Love” message worldwide
  • All other ladies in the wirefree world and beyond!

Photo: Amanda wearing Anita’s Momentum wirefree bra (@alabamavalentine)